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Dear friends, and readers of the «Green Start», the editorial board of the CTS thanks all of you for participating in our community. We hope that you were interested in us, and we, in turn, promise in the new year to become even better (to strive to have something), and even more interesting for you.

Creator and editor-in-chief IAP «Green Start Point»

The coming 2021 will be even more interesting and rich events, and as always, we will inform you and participate in them, analyze trends, to interview interesting people.

In Russia in 2021 there will be a series of electric races that organize

In June, the International Exhibition Renwex 2021 and the International Forum «Renewable Energy for Regional Development» will be held in Moscow and here as


In the past year, the site of the CTS opened, the logo change occurred, reflecting not just the point of the «green start», but also the motion vector is forward and up, no backwards. We will improve our site — always visible, where and what can be done better and more.

Works will be a lot, it will be interesting, and it will be interesting to you, our dear readers. Happy 2021! All happiness, and success!

It is impossible to say that this year has become unambiguously bad. For many, he became the year of discoveries, overcoming and new opportunities. It became obvious that the remote form of work is more mobile, flexible and sufficiently scalable in different types of business. The sharpening gave the momentum to look at the financial situation and realize the need for the birth of new segments. And the lack of economic space will sooner or later lead to an understanding of the processing of the current infrastructure, where ecology and planet will be released on the fore, which will provoke a green revolution in industry and innovation. And we, journalists, will do everything to make this transition smooth and natural.

At the end of the year, many are heading. I would not want to spread the wood thoughts, so briefly. Year — passed, not the easiest and not the most difficult. Of course, the past year will be remembered by the overwhelming number of people, from Mala to Velik. Each of us had to show a mixture, the ability to adapt — and this is good, because the world changes, and not standing on the spot. In the new, 2021, I want to wish everyone: do not stop, go ahead — to my goals. I have no doubt that many — do not even suspect what they are capable of. Good luck loves hardworking, inquisitive and optimists. Everything will be fine! Happy New Year!

Coming 2021 year, this is a year of fracture and breaking the old world of dirty generation, and transport. Beat on the hydrocarbon strength of the word and the voice of the mind. If not we, who?

So, the new 2021 has already begun its march on the planet. This will be really a turning year in many areas of human vital activity, in transport, energy, exploration of outer space. The new era declares louder about himself, while the outgoing era, and its guides, trying to keep old orders, keep their positions. But the course of the development of civilization does not stop, and we will keep you up to date with all major events and trends.

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