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In what mankind has definitely gotten used to during its existence, it is in the rubbish of their home, in the sense of our common home — planet Earth. Every year we produce

How to solve it? Incinerators are a simple answer, but not very environmentally friendly, as they create cancer-causing aerosols when burned. The way out is separation of garbage with subsequent processing. It is more expensive than incineration, but more efficient in terms of ecology, health, and the development of the recycling system. And that’s exactly based on the principle

Ecomotive team from

The Luca EV is a two-seater electric sports car. It is made largely from recycled materials. Linen and recycled #PET plastic and recycled aluminum are the basis. Double # car is driven by two motor-wheels, which together will generate

The weight of the most sports electric car, excluding the weight of the battery, is record low — only

The elements of the body, windows and interior are created from recycled materials. For example, the seats are made from coconut and horsehair.

Luca developers say: “

The copy presented at the presentation is still a prototype. The team of creators promises to show the finished test model next year. And judging by the team of partners, there will be enough resources to implement the project.

By the way, Henrik Fisker, who created his electric crossover #fisker ocean, often proudly speaks about the use of recyclable materials in the mind of his electric car.

Many other electric vehicle manufacturers also note that they use recycled materials in the production of components for their electric vehicles. So, answering the question posed in the title, I can confidently say that recycling, especially in the production of electric vehicles, will be used quite often. At least because they are often people with a different level of consciousness and responsibility for the future of humanity and the Earth.

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