From gas station to gas station.

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What is a typical modern gas station?

Architectural studio

The portals of the charging complex are made of wood. It is immediately noted that all wood used in the construction of a network of ultra-fast charging stations is certified. This means that it comes from forests where foresters never cut down more trees than the forest can reproduce. Again, this is taking care of the forest so that there are no sick trees, dead wood, and windbreak.

Also, on the territory of the station itself, trees and bushes have been planted, and even a swing!

Ultrafast network charging stations

Cobe founder Dan Stubbergaard, «

Ecodesign charging stations are already operating in the cities of Fredericia and Knudshoved in central Denmark. In Fredericia, the portal covering the charging station is made of 12 interconnected wooden supports supporting a large roof; in Knudshoved, the station consists of only two «trees» standing close to each other above the charging columns.

In addition to the wooden structure, the studio added trees, grass and shrubs to the concept of the station. There is even greenery on the roof of the portals, so it’s also a great disguise. Above, you may not understand what is below.

While the # electric car is charging, the owner can sit by the «tree», and the children can swing on the swing, or take a walk among the bushes. This is a really different level of consciousness and being. Relaxing #Zen-atmosphere, this is what an electric car will be imbued with, having stopped in for such a charge.

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