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In discussions about the development of the STARLINK network often come across comments wishing to sit, they say, and where the promised free Internet from Ilona Mask. Well, in fact, no one ever said that Starlink will be free. On the contrary, attention was focused on the fact that this is a purely commercial project, which should bring the necessary financial resources for the implementation of cosmic ideas, in the literal sense of the word, Ilona Mask and Spacex. However, free Internet from Starlink will still be, but for some categories of users.

Ilon Mask and Spacex were not those who know them and represent in the world if they did not take on themselves, including social functions. Space company Ilona Mask continues to pay special attention to expanding access to the Internet service Starlink, sometimes for free, if it concerns remote rural schools and tribes of indigenous Americans to promote their development.

In the fall, Spacex, in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce of Washington, entered into an affiliate agreement with the Khokh (Chala) tribe to provide high-quality Internet in several houses and community facilities. Representatives of the tribe frankly stated that «

Such a program was implemented in the district of Ector in Texas. There are also rural communities that have practically no functional internet access, gained a reliable connection to the network, which is particularly important in conditions of the continuing crisis.

45 sets of Starlink will receive state schools of Oziz in Virginia.

One of the first places in Canada, where the Starlink Internet service appeared from Spacex, the Indian community of Piccikikum became, with a population of 3,000 people in the north-west Ontario. The project was initiated by the Canadian IT company FSET. Previously, the residents of the community «were content with» the Internet at speed only 3 Mbit / s. From Starlink, they will also access the modern network, the speed of which is already approaching 200 Mbps. This will allow community residents to gain access to education, health care and contact tribesmen from other communities, outside the Picanhibition. In early December, Pikangikum First Nation was connected to the satellite network of Ilona Mask using Spacex and FSET. Piccicking community is surrounded by lakes, forests and wildlife. In the recent past, the community experienced the hardest psychological crisis associated with the youth of the tribe, the main cause of which can be considered the unpleasurness of life, the lack of access to full-fledged education, and therefore work. It was a truly tragic page in the history of the community. The initiative of Dave Brown will help not just save many lives, but also give hope for the future to the rest of the continent.

FSET has long wanted to bring modern communication in the Piccanikum, but all previous options stumbled into geographical and climatic difficulties, which of course poured in financially costly ways. Therefore, it was decided to contact Spacex to find out if Starlink can be brought to the community, and bring people out of the dark with the help of modern satellite Internet services. And Spacex immediately responded. Dave Brown says the experience of working with Spacex is completely different from working with other telecommunications companies. Installing Starlink in the remote community has passed quickly and easily. FSET received 60 sets of Starlink within a few days after the request. A few minutes went to the installation of equipment in the Picankikum.

In Canadian case, the Indians did not ask any benefits to pay for communication services. They also paid not much less paid, while receiving disgusting quality of communication. FSET, assumed consultation, training and equipment installation. Communication, remote training and work became very relevant this year, due to the well-known crisis, and at this time the factor in the presence of good communication is especially important. Thanks to the high-speed Internet, schoolchildren and picankikum students can connect to the network and quietly continue their training.

Residents of the small town of Allen, located in the remote countryside in Ohio, will soon receive free Internet Spacex Starlink. According to the Vice-Governor of Ohio John Khasteda, Spacex will provide free Starlink services 90 households and 10 small enterprises in Allen’s town, whose population is 2263 people. According to our Russian concepts, it is certainly not a city, and not even a village, it is a village. But also about the well-being of residents even such a small settlement must be taken care.

The Vice-Governor Hasted also stated that the Starlink free Internet program is part of the state’s government commitment to expand access to high-speed Internet in remote areas. To access the Starlink satellite network, Allen’s residents and enterprises will receive the Starlink Kit set, which has all the necessary equipment. Thanks to the collaboration between Spacex, Innovateohio, Broadbandohio, City of Marysville, Jobsohio, Allen Township residents will be free to provide Internet Starlink for 12 months.

Here are just a few examples, how popular Starlink is already at the initial stage of its existence. Especially the need for such a service manifested itself this year, when the education in many countries was translated into a «deletener». Here you can remind examples from our Russian regions when sometimes the children climbed on the base stations to catch a mobile Internet signal to send homework to school. It was in the Perm Territory.

In Bashkiria, on the border with the Chelyabinsk region, it was that, together with the parents, the children went out of the villages, and were looking for a normal signal from their place, since in their village Kulmetovo, the speed was only 100 kilobit per second. And this is not a borrowing in the taiga, and no reindeer casing in the regions of the Far North.

The question remains open, will there be similar programs that Spacex are held with partners, are conducted by the Russian creator and operator of the satellite Internet network «Sphere»?

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