Founder Nikola Motors Trevor Milton: «The focus must be the company and its mission to change the world, and not me»

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September 20

That is, no matter what happens, but the company has not been left without control, she was headed by a representative of a partner company, one of the leaders of the world car industry, General Motors. Yesterday, the company’s shares on the stock exchange after this announcement collapsed by 26-30%, to $ 26.62 per share, but today slow return to previous positions has already begun. We assume that the players in short positions were able to not badly weld. It is likely that it was in this that the whole essence of the scandal was. By the way, the decline of the shares occurred at GM. But if Ilona mask had to get rid of insignificant losses at one time, still retaining the control levers of the company, then Milton was not so lucky. He had to leave the Governors of Nikola Corporation, while remaining the largest shareholder. And this item, by the way, may be significant in the future, as it can allow Milton to return to the management governing bodies of the company when crisis phenomena are overcome.
And if you return at the moment when Ilon Mask has hung a threat to loss of management of the company, then it is necessary to recall that Ilona then his friend and one of the most influential businessmen of America, and the world — the head of the company

For the company, all the same tasks remain as before — the closure of an investment transaction for $ 2 billion with General Motors, the construction of its factory, and the beginning of the release of the Pickup «Badger» by GM.


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