Evergrande auto raises the rates in the electric car.

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For more than two years, I watched the Evergrande Group’s Chinese concern, the main activity of which in the past was construction, and on what they earned their multi-billion dollar capital, gradually transformed into a new car giant —

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Evergrande AUTO has begun a test production at its production bases in Shanghai and Guangzhou. On the published, on the Chinese analogue youtube roller, we can see the super-modern production base, as already written above, created according to the standard «

Plants are equipped

Looking around for photos and videos, you probably could notice something familiar in the terms of cars that are now going at the stage of experienced production and debugging all technological processes. Yes, this is not yet electrocars announced earlier than the Hengchi family. Let me remind you that one of the first «shopping», which was carried out by the Evergrande Group on the way to turning into a car company, was the acquisition of #Saab car assets. And collected now on these lines electric vehicle is nothing but electrified

Mass production of cars under the market #Hengchi will begin in the second half of 2021. By 2025, the company is going to increase its production facilities

Earlier in November, Evergrande automobile officially introduced the Hengchi brand logo, which means as they say in a press release of the company — «East Lion looks at the world from top to bottom, protecting the blue sky, conquering the Red Sea.» By the way, the lion on the logo looks at the West, as if pointing to the direction of the future expansion.

The Golden Lion, testifies to the desire of the company to become the world-famous brand of electric vehicles. Blue color in the modern automotive industry speaks about the clean energy of the car, red about strength, and victory in competitive struggle. The Chinese love symbolism very much, and there are no empty messages here.

The models of the future Hengchi family will be denoted by alphanumeric code from one digit and two English letters. It will be encrypted the status of the model.

So, another strong rival is added to the world’s electromotive field to have already available players. Own resources, monetary and industrial enough, previously purchased overseas companies gave their engineers and technology. If it seems to someone that the market is oversaturated with electrocarbing brands, then it is not. He is still far from saturation, and considering how many fossil-fuel cars should be replaced, the places and work is enough for all for many years ahead. The Evergrande Group made a faithful strategic choice, and their prospects are not worse than the Tesla, since there is no shipment for their shoulders. In working with pure sheet there are advantages. What you can not say about some European and American companies that are in every way try to resist afloat. In this case, I speak about creating a mega-corporation, by combining FCA (Fiat Chrysler) and PSA (Peugeot Citroen). But we are striking in one of the following materials. In the meantime, we learn a new Chinese brand and its logo.

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