Equator Aircraft’s Norwegian P2 Xcursion electric amphibious aircraft takes its wing

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The Norwegians, with the tenacity of the Vikings once, electrify everything that can move. Now at the Jarlsberg airfield, which is 100 km south-west of Oslo, a startup team is working on the creation of an electric amphibious aircraft.

The world’s first electric # seaplane Xcursion is being created in two versions: P2 Xcursion for 2 people (pilot + passenger), and Xcursion 4 for 4 people (pilot + 3 passengers), as # air taxi. The four-seater version is still under development, and the two-seater has already passed several flight tests. Test flights were successful, suggesting that the # plane took place.

In addition to the technical characteristics, it should be said that the charged flying amphibian has a very interesting design. The fuselage of the aircraft is designed to have optimal drag characteristics both on the water and in the air — streamlined both above and below, where it is made according to the boat layout. It also has a landing gear that allows Xcursion to land not only on water, but also on a regular runway. The large cockpit canopy provides an unprecedentedly large field of view and a sense of flight. The electric motor is mounted on the tail unit, which is optimal for weight distribution, since the traction batteries are in the bow, as well as in the space under the crew seat. The battery pack consists of standard 18650 cells.

Creation of a seaplane fuselage and its cockpit

According to the terms of reference of some customers, a version was created with an internal combustion engine expander, which allows you to increase the range up to 1000 km. But we will not dwell on this version. Although it will be a hybrid, it is still not a «purebred train».

The under development Xcursion 4 is being built on the same design, and will have a slightly larger electrical range —

Same way

Let me remind you that electric #air races

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