Elon Musk on upcoming Starship Trials — reality tends to bite

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SpaceX is getting closer to one of the most important test stages of the Starship spacecraft prototype. More precisely, this is not a ship, but a Starship SN8 test product. And now enough of them are being built at the production site-cosmodrome in Boca Chica to test all the systems in the required volume, even taking into account that some of these test products will be lost during the tests.

Here, in fact, you need to understand that tests are carried out for this, that in the course of their implementation, one should find weak points in the structure, and improve them on the next product. Let’s remember now our Soviet lunar project and the H1 launch vehicle. It was designed by the geniuses of Soviet rocket and space engineering — Sergei Korolev, and after his death by Vasily Mishin. And as we all know, all 4 test launches ended in failure. I am sure that if the program were continued, that by the 7th or 8th launch all problems would have been eliminated, and our cosmonauts would have landed on the Moon.

But history does not know the subjunctive mood. What was, what was. And now, creating an unprecedented in the entire previous history of mankind, SpaceX, led by Gwynne Shotwell and Elon Musk, even at this stage takes into account all the previous examples, building several test products in parallel.

Elon Musk is not at all a projection, but realistically assesses the possibility that before the space system

Musk is not shy about expressing his assumptions about the possible outcome of the next tests, and points to which you should pay special attention.

Here are just a few, rather critical statements by Elon Musk, which he posted on his Twitter:

SN8 is still waiting for a static fire test of the engines, and then, if everything goes according to plan, a jump of 15 km.

As we can see, Elon is quite realistic about the test results. Earlier, he repeatedly said that at this stage it is likely that several test products will be lost, but they will provide invaluable information to engineers to eliminate weaknesses in the Super Heavy-Starship system. The starting table itself is also an important element, since during the start it is important to avoid impulse resonance, which can negatively affect the operation of the engines at the very initial stage of the start.

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