Elon Musk in an interview with the head of Axel Springer spoke about the main thing — about Mars, about Tesla, about low fertility and the meaning of life

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Yesterday in the article «

The interview began with a theatrical performance that represented all of the assembled witnesses to an interview by members of the Starship crew on their way to Mars. I don’t know how naturalistic it looked, but the organizers managed to create the appropriate atmosphere.

Can one person change the world?

This question became the headline of the introduction to the interview, which told a brief biography of Elon. The excursion began in childhood in South Africa, where he wrote his first computer game at the age of 12, and soon sold it for $ 500. Then, when he was 16 years old, there was an escape with his family from the apartheid regime to Canada. Then I studied in the USA, then California and Silicon Valley. In his (and he created some projects together with his brother) projects — Zip2 (sold by Compaq for $ 307 million), then PayPal (sold for $ 1.5 billion), and then Tesla, SpaceX, Hyperloop, Neuralink, The Boring Company … These are not just companies. This is a passion for achieving the best result, a passion for reaching new heights, including in the literal sense of the word, space heights. Here you will not find the concept of «mastering budgets», here if there is a goal, then conditions are created for its implementation. One SpaceX employee once said, «… you shouldn’t tell Elon that something will not work out, and something is impossible. Something is impossible only if it contradicts the laws of physics. Otherwise, you will look stupid.» …

Well, we know that one person can turn the world upside down.

After this performance, Elon Musk was invited to the stage, where the CEO was waiting for him.

I’m sure we can land on Mars in 6 years. Earth and Mars approach each other every 26 months. It was this year, the next will be, respectively, every 2 years. That is, I am almost sure that in 6 years we will succeed. If you’re lucky, maybe in 4 years. We will try to send an unmanned spacecraft to Mars in 2 years.

Tesla was created to ensure a good future on Earth, and SpaceX beyond. Of course, we need to switch to renewable energy. Not only for its production, but also for its consumption. Tesla produces solar panels, batteries. This is the key to clean energy. Energy storage devices (ENEs) are also useful for wind energy. Consumers also need to be given the opportunity to use renewable energy. For this, an electric car was created.

If you looked from the future back to the past, to our present day, and reasoned about what Tesla brought to the world, then I would say that it is worth evaluating in terms of how many years Tesla has accelerated the arrival of renewable energy. In the case of SpaceX, this is how much we have increased the likelihood of becoming a civilization plowing space.

Look, well, I even said that Tesla shares are overpriced. What else can I do? Even before the split, when the stock was at $ 800, I said the stock was overvalued. But nobody listened to me. The SEC again complained about me then.

I would not say that competitors were too friendly before. It is unlikely that their reaction can be characterized as positive. They used a lot of adjectives to refer to Tesla. Not sure if those were nice words. This was especially striking in the year 2007-08.

“I’m not against people driving cars. Most likely, humans will drive cars in the future, as far as we can imagine it. It’s just that it will become more and more unusual looking from our time … I think that in 10 in all new cars there will be an autopilot function.

First, I want to say that I love Germany, I like it here, I have many friends here. Berlin is a cool city. This is a good location where there are conditions for people of all ages and any income. We will throw a big opening party for the Gigafactory Berlin. I will be spending a lot of time here.

Then Elon talked about Neuralink, artificial intelligence, and his other projects. Regarding the same artificial intelligence (AI), he said that any technologies potentially dangerous to humans are subject to strict regulation. AI is potentially more dangerous than an atomic bomb.

According to Elon, the biggest threat to humanity, along with AI, may be low fertility.

Matthias Döpfner’s last question was philosophical — “At dinner I once asked you about the meaning of life. And after a while you said that, most likely, he is in this wonderful French cheese. Can you explain? «


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