Electric bicycle Valeo Smart E-Bike with an automatic transmission and the ability to go back in advance

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It was this fragment from the poem of Chukovsky «cockroach» immediately surfaced in memory as soon as I saw a press release of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of autocomponents and spare parts, a French company

Valeo, as all major players in the automotive market, has adopted a strategy to reduce harmful emissions from transport. As part of the implementation of this strategy, the production of relevant components for hybrid, and completely electric cars has begun. An interesting move was made. And the company has created an advanced system of electric bicycle transmission.

Valeo has developed, according to them, the first system, which combines the electric motor and the adaptive automatic transmission in the pedal node of the electric bike. The #Smart E-Bike System is also equipped with an anti-theft system, which, when activated, blocks a pedal assembly, and stops using a bike. Cool function, only if the hijacker does not think just carry a bike in his arms. In any case, the solution is interesting, and potentially useful, as electric bikes become every day not only more popular, but also in demand. Even now, in winter, in Moscow you constantly meet on the roads of the largest services of delivery of goods that chase exactly on the electric bikes.

Valeo is currently not engaged in the mass production of electric bicycles, but it has created a series of prototypes of mountain, urban and freight bikes to demonstrate its new technology. The main feature, as mentioned at the beginning, is a 48-volt electric motor and seven-step automatic adaptive # gearbox compounded in one block located in a pedal node. At the same time, the director for the use of special vehicles by pressurizes Mortal says that the first serial electrobics equipped with VALEO technology will be available for purchase by the end of 2021.

In Valeo, they say that their automatic electrotransmission for the electric bike, 60% more powerful already existing systems and can be adapted to any type of bicycle. Although, there would be an interesting answer to the question, is it possible to build old classic bicycles like this system! In any case, Valeo is very busy at this sector, as it is estimated by McKinsey analysts in the next ten years, sales of electric bicycles will grow 15 times up to 270 million units.

Engine torque —

And what about «back in advance»?

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