Ecosidant: 4 Psychological support rules

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The equosidant today is not only in the minority, but also constantly faces psychological pressure from urban services, information medium and aggressive environment. When preparing

The best psychologists are those who pass by life adversity on their own experience. As a result, a specialist appears the opportunity to create a finely configured recommendation based on professional knowledge. It also uses the ecosidant in life.

Internal support she sees in taking responsibility for the future of the planet. And for this, first of all, you need to come to awareness: our affairs are more borders of their own life. Moreover, it is necessary to reason and act from the position of eternity. Understand that every day affects everything and everyone.

However, more often in psychology to form an internal support, the technique of issues that the ecoserider uses to search for answers is used.

Answers to the right questions will help to give birth to internal confidence that does not depend on other people’s opinions. Psychologist

Another important step to strengthen internal support — the ecosidant should surround himself like-minded people.

We write out all the allegations that demotivate you. Do not limit yourself to time. You can write down the waging of several days. Next, you work with each separately. Take one, say it out loud and listen to sensations in your body. Call them. Further try to verbalize the feelings that occur when the spoken phrase. Then aware of the coming thoughts and desires. In other words, explore the negative installation on the zones of awareness. Breathe.

Then go to a friend who relates to everything that is important to you. And formulate how in contrasts could sound a motivating statement. Try it out loud and witness, as the sensations now the body is spoken. What are the feelings, thoughts and desires come.

Also, the technique can be performed with a psychologist or independently. With independent execution, answer such a question. How would my caring friend say?

That’s how it might look.

The main weapon in a self-sustainment is the ability to calmly communicate with aggressive critics and admirers of established systems.

Knowing psychologists argue that with an inner support sorting, of course, becomes automatism as the cleaning of the teeth. As a result, over time, the soul begins to require internal implementation, inspiring examples from the network.

Ultimately appreciate yourself for the fact that you thought about the importance of environmental processes. After all, you are definitely a reasonable part of the ecosystem that strengthens its basic principles for continuing life.

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