Could the Moon serve as a fuel source for the Earth?

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Imagine that the famous song «Imagine» by John Lennon is not just a song, but an instruction for action, that it is a hymn to the future of humanity. Do you think this is fantastic? Someone thinks it’s fantastic, but Chinese scientists want to make it happen. And this is not just a desire, this is a systematic work that they are currently doing. Milestones in this strategy include the Chang’e-5 lunar soil collection probe and the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST), a tokamak built in Hefei, eastern China in 2006.

Now, when the «raw material generals» on Earth are still trying to «fight» in the «war» they have already lost, in every possible way discrediting the electromobility industry, renewable energy, a new technological and social philosophy is being created in China. I have written more than once about the difference in consciousness. The above-mentioned «commodity generals» think about here and now, and after them even a deluge. And the people of Elon Musk’s warehouse, or Chinese scientists and politicians, think and create groundwork for centuries to come. Now, when China is actively implementing its lunar program, they want the people of the Earth to imagine why this is being done, — «

100 tons of helium-3 can generate the energy needed by all people throughout the year. And on the moon there can be a million tons of helium-3, which can help the development of human civilization for at least another 10,000 years. «

Fossil fuels have been used on Earth for over 200 years. And its burning is not only environmentally harmful, it is not eternal. Take coal, for example. Just ask how the coal itself was formed. Hint — Carboniferous geological period, or Carboniferous. It’s the same with oil. Although there is a dispute regarding the Biogenic or Abiogenic variant of the occurrence of oil. But that’s not the point. The bottom line is that now, because of oil, pipelines, wars are waged, and many cities are drowning in the smog of the exhaust of fossil fuel vehicles, undermining human health. The Chinese want to break this vicious circle by developing their own lunar program.

All of the above points indicate the need for an urgent search for replacements for earthly fossil fuels, as well as metals. The long-term solution lies hundreds of thousands of kilometers away on the Moon, and hundreds of millions of kilometers away in the asteroid belt. Lunar regolith contains large amounts of helium-3, a gas that can potentially be extracted, delivered to Earth and used as fuel without harming the environment.

China launched its lunar space mission on November 23

The probe should deliver to Earth about 2 kilograms of samples, of which 1.5 kg — from the surface of the Moon, and the rest — from under the surface.

Already at this stage of the implementation of the lunar program, China plans to create its own research base on the Moon, and in the future, the construction of solar and thermonuclear power plants. Chinese scientists believe that the Moon is one of the most correct places for the construction of a thermonuclear reactor, in which Helium-3, extracted and enriched immediately, will work as fuel.

In 2018, the EAST plant reached temperatures of over 100 million degrees Celsius. It is more than six times hotter than the Sun’s core. The unit maintained this temperature for 10 seconds before shutting down. Harness is needed to contain this flow of energy. The Chinese have come up with a key technology: a superconducting magnetic field. It is capable, consuming a minimum amount of electricity, to keep the zone of thermonuclear reaction under control. Tokamak is a success and a stepping stone to a real thermonuclear reactor. By the way, if you love modern science fiction, you may remember Epstein’s space engine from the TV series «Expansion», based on the books of James Corey (Daniel Abraham and Ty Frank).

And they will make the fairy tale come true.

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