Competitors are increasingly attacking Elon Musk’s projects: BMW against Tesla, and Viasat against Starlink

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Competitors are different. When we talk about Elon Musk’s projects, then the theme of competitors manifests itself in all its colors. For example, there is the head of Volkswagen Herbert Diess, who, judging by the flow of messages over several years, has established quite a friendly relationship with the head of Tesla. During Musk’s recent visit to Germany, Elon tested VW ID.3 together in Dissom, exchanged opinions.

Everything was very dignified and cool. Moreover, they are undoubted competitors in the automotive market. There is billionaire Jeff Bezos who is trying to copy, if not Elon’s projects, then at least the areas of activity — electric cars, reusable launch vehicles, satellite Internet. Yes, Elon is not the first to make an electric car, or a satellite data transmission system. But he did it better than those who have done it before, and today. And hence the attempts of those who will eventually lose customers, and hence money, try to attack Tesla and Starlink by any available means. The funny thing is that sometimes this is done under an ecological label, and through some «green» parties.

So, on the front against Starlink, the first «attacking» competitor was Viasat.

Viasat is a US-based telecommunications company that provides high-speed satellite broadband services to the military and commercial markets. And yes, the company has been working in this direction for about 15 years. For a long time they were, if not monopolists, then one of the best. In 2011, Roscosmos launched the ViaSat-1 satellite from Baikonur with a total capacity

Naturally, such agility could not leave competitors alone, realizing that a year or two, and they will lose their clientele. And the attack began.

Viasat has asked the FCC to conduct an environmental review of SpaceX’s Starlink license, arguing that exemptions in some US federal environmental laws cannot apply to the Starlink satellite mega-network. The statement said that #spacex’s #starlink satellite system poses a threat to the environment in space and on Earth. The negative impact, according to the applicants from Viasat, will be characterized by an increase in «space debris» falling to the Earth, an increase in the risk of collisions of Starlink satellites with other objects in low-Earth orbit, or with spacecraft taking off from the Earth, the launches themselves can also cause harm. Here, of course, it should be recalled that #viasat themselves have a contract to launch a new ViaSat-3-class satellite with the help of #falcon heavy rocket launcher with SpaceX until 2022. Originally, however, I will use your service, but at the same time I will try to compete in the bureaucratic field with your own system, competing with mine.

And of course, the discontent of some «astronomers» has surfaced again, for whom low-flying satellites will interfere with counting the stars. Viasat looks even more snobbish when he writes that “… given the sheer number of satellites in question, and the unprecedented nature of SpaceX treating them as consumables, the potential environmental damage associated with the proposed SpaceX modification is significant «.

That is, we (ViaSat in the sense) are all so exclusive, straight Haute couture (haute couture), and then a «redneck» appears, with his prêt-à-porter, and radically changes the rules of the game, that is, the market! But it is clear that the whole point, as the satirist Zadornov said, is in the bubble.

To begin with, just look at the map of Germany, and compare where the Tesla Giga Berlin is being built in Brandenburg, near Berlin, and where is Bavaria, and, accordingly, what kind of automobile concern is based there. Everything becomes clear at once.

The construction of the Tesla Giga Berlin has reached a stage when the outlines of the future plant are already clearly visible, which should at full production capacity produce at least 500,000 electric vehicles a year! This is not just a gigantic figure, it is a production volume that will capture the lion’s share of the electric car market in Germany. And of course, those who did not manage to start the transformation of their production in time, and those who hoped that «electric cars» would «dissolve» for them like a nightmare, are now forced to resort to any tricks to slow down their competitors.

Now the construction of the Gigafactory near Berlin is being carried out on the basis of previously obtained permits. However, to the glory of the bureaucracy, there are still unresolved issues in the papers, on the basis of which some German politicians, most likely lobbying interests, are probably #bmw.

However, to the credit of German politicians, the members of the Grand Coalition spoke out in defense of the construction of the Tesla plant.

In fact, all these attacks by angry competitors only once again confirm the loyalty of the strategy that Elon Musk is implementing by creating and developing his projects. For many years, the public screamed that Tesla would go bankrupt. But those who shout a lot mostly do nothing themselves. As they say, the dog barks — the wind carries.

Let me remind you just a fragment of one long-time interview with Musk, from 2014, in which he said in particular: «I am sure that by 2020 we will be able to produce at least half a million cars a year.»

He who creates always achieves. As the Russian proverb says — Perseverance and work will grind everything!

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