Closing the Circle — Canadian Li-Cycle Builds Battery Recycling Center near New York

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The Canadian Li-Cycle company Ajay Kochkhara, after successfully starting work on the recycling of electric vehicle batteries at its own plant in Ontario (Canada), has begun construction of a similar complex in the Eastman Business Park in Rochester County, New York (USA). Li-Cycle is investing over $ 175 million in this project.

The construction of a plant for processing, separating metals using hydrometallurgy technology is planned to begin next year and be completed in 2022. With a projected capacity of 60,000 metric tons, this will be the equivalent of recycling 120,000 battery packs for electric vehicles. And this fall, the construction of the first stage of the plant will begin — a workshop for the production of «black mass», that is, grinding batteries into powder, from which the elements that make up the battery will subsequently be released.

The new plant will supply cobalt, nickel, lithium carbonate and other battery components, looping the production of battery cells.

Says Tim Johnston, executive chairman and co-founder of Li-Cycle, “

Ajay Kochkhar, CEO and co-founder of Li-Cycle, “

The recycling rate is now around 95%, but the technological process is constantly improving, and the company is confident that they will be able to bring it to 100%. Li-Cycle also ensures that the company does not discharge waste, dirty water, in accordance with the company’s philosophy of «no waste».

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This is just another example of the fact that in fact there is no question of «disposal» of electric vehicle batteries. There are processing technologies, but in general it should be called «

«Questions» are only in the minds and words of opponents of the development of the electromobility industry, and those who do not want anything and do not know how to do, well, they can just master and cut budgets. Here, using Li-Cycle technology, you can’t saw anything. There are accurate indicators of the extraction of materials, there are volumes of products received for processing at the plant, and there are contracts for the supply of extracted metals.

And of course, not only electromobile batteries will be recycled, but the entire range of lithium batteries — from mobile phone batteries to SNE elements (energy storage systems).

Everything is absolutely clear and clean.

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