Can the criticism of Vladimir Putin regarding Roscosmos to change something?

Posted by kachalo on 27 ноября, 2021 in graminaceous | Short Link

Meanwhile, while Spacex is preparing to hold the most important test under the StarShip program, Russian President Vladimir Putin on

OK. It is beautifully said that it is necessary to «improve and deepen». But the question is like! After all, the head of Roscosmos has repeatedly raised the issue of inconsistency of actions even within one government, when the Ministry of Finance constantly proposes to reduce the financing of space programs. Well, this is what, they were not so long ago suggested to cut the army, there are no officials who do not sit down their pants, but an army that protects the state. So initially it is clear that this «orchestra» is not able to play not that symphony, but even cadrille. And in the end, it turns out a cancan.

But it was a «lyric» retreat.

About programs this is true, but again the question of «budget allocations». And what, it is impossible to give a clear order to «accountants» from the Ministry of Finance? Unclear. And again, there were many words about financing, but I would also like to hear the words about breakthrough projects, with an implementation horizon for 10-20-30 years old.

Words, words…

In the meantime, there are many beautiful words, # Roskosmos, or rather Russia (Roscosmos + VKS), is not simply inferior in the number of launches of the private company Ilona Mask #Spacex, but is inferior to planning and implementing fundamental, strategic important projects.

Russia is only going to develop and implement a satellite and Internet project

I believe that the most important factor in the development of cosmonautics, in particular the Russian, should be a goal, a program, a global program, for the implementation of which small programs should be implemented. As we see it now in Spacex. And there is no idealization of SPACEX, there is simply an elementary comparison of efficiency in the ratio of financial resources implemented to the expendable resources and the size of personnel composition.

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