Byton returns, along with a red banner, and possibly with an IPO

Posted by kachalo on 26 ноября, 2021 in tranquilly | Short Link

According to Chinese automotive experts, an electric car company

If #tesla still managed to run mass production on the first stage of his factory back in November last year, and they entered the «Coronashtorm» in full speed, and slipped it, then BYTON covered «in the port.» The plant in Nanjing was built, but it was still necessary to run, and for this we needed a new round of financing. So he did not take place, according to reasons, and with understandable consequences.

Chinese Media, with reference to insiders, report that the company is ready to resume full-fledged work in the coming September.

According to incoming information, #Byton intends to become a public company. Startup filed a request for registration of a new technological company called

Also in terms of the output of the company from the crisis, presumably, it is the beginning of production at the capacity of the Nanjing Plant of the brand electric car

Most likely, Baiton will produce

The COVID crisis this year has taken plans this year, it’s good that if they are simply transferred, and not completely canceled. In the case of a byteton temporary «freezing», it may be even useful, since not only the electrocar of the BYTON itself will be released to the market, but also the legendary Chinese brand

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