Broadcast of the launch of the second manned spaceship SpaceX Crew Dragon «Resilient» mission Crew-1

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Tomorrow, November 15 at 23:15 Moscow time, the start of the manned spacecraft will take place

Initially, the launch was supposed to take place on October 31, but it was postponed due to the need for additional check of the turbopump units in two Falcon 9 LV engines. The next date was November 14, but the head of NASA James Bridenstein tonight

Recall that this time a crew of four is sent to the ISS on Crew Dragon: Michael Hopkins — Commander (NASA), Victor Glover — Pilot (NASA), Soichi Noguchi — Flight Specialist (JAXA), Shannon Walker — Flight Specialist (#nasa ).

The first manned flight had a test and demonstration status «DM-2». Then astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley went to the ISS on the Crew Dragon Endeavor and stayed there for 64 days. Crew Dragon’s Steadfast mission will last approximately 6 months to the ISS, and they will cross at the station with Crew-2, which is scheduled to travel there on March 30, 2021. The SpaceX Crew-2 crew includes Shane Kimbrough and Megan MacArthur (NASA) , Akihiko Hoshide (#jaxa), and Tom Peske (#eka).

So, let’s watch the live broadcast of the start >>>

The Crew-1 mission ship has some technical differences from the Crew Dragon Endeavor. First of all, they relate to the refinement of the elements of the ship’s energy system, namely, solar batteries.

Also, starting with this SpaceX Crew Dragon Resilience mission, it is planned that at least one SpaceX Crew Dragon manned spacecraft and one Cargo Dragon 2 cargo spacecraft will be permanently on the ISS.

Benji Reed, CEO of SpaceX: “

On December 2nd, the cargo ship Cargo Dragon 2 — CRS-21 is sent to # ISS. In March 2021, it will be replaced by CRS-22. In October next year, the schedule is the launch of the next manned Crew Dragon, consisting of one NASA astronaut and three space tourists prepared by the company

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