Bollinger Motors unveils Bollinger Deliver-E electric delivery van concept

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As in the days of the «Land Race» in the distribution and development of unpopulated lands in America, when the first person to reach a certain piece of land was further considered its owner, so now, one might say, the Electric Van races are going on.

Of course, the rules are not so wild here, but entering the electric delivery van segment could give the company good prospects. The EV segment is currently booming and many have presented their solutions. Now here in the lead

And here he showed up

Now #bollingermotors is just developing a new office and production site, which will produce electric # pickups and # SUVs of the brand, but staying in one segment is probably not correct, and therefore the company began to design its commercial van.

We have our own platform, the technology of the electric drive and the battery pack is debugged, and it is absolutely natural that more can be done on this basis.

Electric van

But even the smallest 70 kWh battery pack is not the smallest in the class today. For example, EVito and sSprinter have 35 and 47 kWh batteries. And the manufacturer believes that this is a completely economically justified configuration option, which of course will find its consumer. So 70 kWh is not bad at all.

the van will have front-wheel drive, which will make the cargo compartment more spacious and convenient for loading and unloading. The lower edge of the cargo area will be at a height of 45.7 cm. The Deliver-E will be based on a high-strength aluminum chassis.

Deliver-E is set to hit the streets by 2022.

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