BMW has completed a large-scale modernization of its Munich plant.

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In July

Yesterday, the company officially announced that the transformation of the plant has been completed and it is fully ready for the production of electric vehicles.

The BMW Group issued an official press release on September 9 stating the company’s commitment to the principles of the Paris Climate Agreement, and

That is, the company’s development policy will develop in an ecological manner, which will be reflected both in the model range itself and in production technologies.

In 2013, the company demonstrated a revolutionary, for that time, approach to the concept of sustainable mobility with the release of the new BMW i sub-brand, within which the BMW i3 and i8 hybrids were created. To date, more than 200,000 BMW i models have been produced and sold, as well as 400,000 other electrified BMW and MINI models.

Chairman of the Management Board of BMW AG Oliver Zipse, “

And in the implementation of these ideologies, a new strategy of the company was adopted, according to which, by 2030, the company undertakes to produce 7 million electrified cars of all brands within the group. This plan will be assisted by the contractor partners of the BMW Group, who will supply the Bavarian company with battery cells for assembling battery packs —

BMW itself, as well as contractors-suppliers, will have to use clean, «green» electricity for production needs. That will also allow to a large extent to «green up» the company’s products, already at the production stage. The company says that by the end of this year, most of the production energy balance will consist of electricity generated by its own solar power plants and wind generators located at the company’s facilities.

Whatever one may say, but the Bavarian company is still more conservative when compared, for example, with # Volkswagen. And of course, at first, most of the electrified models will be plug-in hybrids. But gradually more and more space on the conveyor will be occupied by completely electric cars of a new family, created on the basis of the proprietary platform #inext.

The first will be

Yes, and of course, as usual, someone will again raise the issue of «disposal» of electric vehicle batteries. This issue will once again be considered in subsequent materials.
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