Blueberry 600 kW.

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New technology company from Portugal

As its creators say about their company, their main goal is the development and production of innovative charging and infrastructure solutions that contribute to the expansion of the use of electric transport. And they declare with full responsibility that they have offered a unique solution in this area. For the mass adoption of electric vehicles, ultra-fast charging is needed, comparable in time to refueling a fossil fuel car, and they have created such a charging complex.

The Blueberry charging station is not just a speaker with wires and connectors, it is a whole charging and energy complex. It should be understood that in the future, commercial fast and ultra-fast chargers will be similar to modern gas stations. In the sense that, most likely, they will be powered not only, and not so much, from the main power grids, but have SNE (energy storage systems) on their territory, which will just allow them to supply the required amount of energy in a short time. It is on this principle that the Blueberry system is created.

blueberry is a new i-charge powered charging concept. The output power range varies from 50 kW to 600 kW, depending on the configuration of the selected set of equipment, of which there are three — Blueberry, Blueberry PLUS and Blueberry CLUSTER.

The charging cables, 4.7 m long, do not dangle on the ground, but are in a support, and if necessary, they can be pulled out, and at the end of the charging session they are pulled into the charging. In principle, everything is familiar from «traditional» gas stations.

The Blueberry PLUS and Blueberry CLUSTER trim options include storage modules.

The Portuguese «chargers» are great, they are ahead of the curve, realizing that when the powerful #lucid Air, #tesla Model S Plaid, Tesla Semi and #cybertruck appear on the roads, they will have to already have a product and service that can be offered.

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