Blue Origin’s New Shepard reusable launch vehicle makes a successful test jump to a height of 105 km

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Today the space company

For New Shepard RN, the 13th return mission to near space, and the 7th flight for this particular booster. On board the LV there were 12 payloads, including a suborbital module, as well as sensors for descent from orbit, monitoring the descent and landing process. At New Shepard, in fact, they are currently testing systems that will be used to create the next-generation #new glenn launch vehicle, and manned landing modules for flights to the Moon and Mars.

Today’s mission went according to plan, successfully. The #new shepard launch vehicle reached its maximum point of flight at an altitude of 105 km 632.4 m, after which it began the stage of returning to the landing site of the Blue Origin cosmodrome. At an altitude of about 870 meters, the main engine switched on again, now for braking and landing. At an altitude of about 100 meters, landing legs were deployed, and the booster gently sat down on a site in West Texas. Likewise, the capsule made a soft landing by parachute.

The flight time of the test mission was 10 minutes 9 seconds, and the maximum speed on the rise was 3592 km / h.

Bob Smith, CEO of Blue Origin, “

Of course, #blue origin is not a competitor for SpaceX right now. But they have not only developed an impressive amount of technologies, but are also successfully testing them, each time approaching to independently go beyond the Earth’s gravity well in the near future. And then there is no need to flirt, argue, and apply the mantra «that’s when … then we’ll see.» Everything. This time has passed. Even #roscosmos,

Once again, you are convinced of the correctness of the words of Lewis Carroll, cast in granite — «You need to run as fast just to stay in place, but to get somewhere, you must run at least twice as fast!»

The exploitation of the super-reliable legacy of the USSR, the launch vehicles and the Soyuz spacecraft, in the past decade has become not a blessing, but an information intoxication, under the cover of which we (Russia) continued to make no headway. And if you are marking time, and not on solid ground, but in quicksand or a swamp, then you will inevitably drown …

Russian cosmonautics now needs a breakthrough, an ambitious program. «Cupid» is good, but it is not a solution to the problem.

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