Belarus picks up pace in the development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

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In neighboring fraternal and Union Belarus, the growth rates of the charging network for electric vehicles are pleasantly surprising. They are surprising, of course, when compared with our country. Here we rejoice and perceive every new, single charge for success and another victory. In Belarus, everything is much cooler and more serious. Here, the development of the charging infrastructure is controlled personally by President #Lukashenko, who has stated many times that it is electromobilization that is the future of the republic’s transport sector. And he did not just declare, but a strategy for the development of the charging network was adopted for implementation. The main work in this direction was entrusted to PO # Belarusneft, which created a subsidiary for this

In the Minsk district of Uruchye, located at the entrance to Minsk from the M1 highway, 6 new fast charging stations have been installed. They are located in the parking lot

To use charging, it is enough only that the charging port of your electric car is of the appropriate standard, and a proprietary, free application is installed on the smartphone. By the way, I installed it myself. It is very simple, intuitive, and displays all the operating stations of the network throughout the republic.

2 more new stations have been installed in the parking lot at

The network has the only request to its customers, for the sake of their own safety, and to preserve the integrity of the electric car and the charging station, do not use homemade adapters when charging, if the charging port of the station and the electric car do not match.

But the last sentence is very interesting in terms of whether anyone has changed the charging connector on their electric vehicle? Personally, I have so far only come across cases of stock in the trunk of various adapters.

Malanka informs that since the start of the network (3 months), its application has been downloaded

Malanka also promises to start installing ultra-fast charging stations next year, where

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