Ban the use of municipal diesel transport in cities or leave everything as it is?

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Moscow is now one of the most saturated cities in the country in terms of the fleet of new electric vehicles. And the conversation here is not about personal passenger electric cars, but about transport that serves urban needs.

The most common types of Moscow electric transport are of course #metro, tram, monorail, #mck and #mcd trains, and #electric buses that have replaced trolleybuses. Electric buses, by the way, are now working in the city

Eliminating this «failure» is not a tribute to fashion, but an urgent need, which has already been recognized in many countries of the world, gradually replacing garbage trucks operating in cities with electric ones. The trend is the same in the harvesting and construction machinery sector. The bottom line is simple — specialized transport operating inside city blocks should be emission-free, environmentally friendly, that is, electric, not diesel. And here, I think, no one needs to prove anything, because everyone, going to work, in his yard met a garbage truck smoldering with diesel exhaust. I’m not even talking about its noise, some wake up to it, that an alarm clock is not needed. The same is with construction and harvesting equipment.

This will have a cumulative effect — Russian automakers will quickly begin production of appropriate equipment, this will develop the domestic production of battery cells and power electronics, and most importantly, it will improve the environmental situation in cities, and, consequently, the health of our fellow citizens. There is practically no question of charging for such equipment, since it is mainly based on specialized motor depots and parking lots, which are equipped with charging equipment, and it is not difficult to supply the necessary energy capacities. It will also allow you to significantly save budgets, since you do not have to spend many millions on diesel fuel, on the repair of diesel equipment, replacement of oils, filters, and many other «delights» of such equipment.

Based on the foregoing, I created on the Russian portal «

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I can also add that electric cargo platforms are already being developed in Russia, and even

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