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In parallel with the activation of the final stage of construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, a project to lay a high-voltage submarine cable along the bottom of the North Sea, from Quilldall in Norway to Blyth in Great Britain, is also in active phase in Europe. The Vikings again «conquer» Europe, only now with goodness, with the light and energy of Odin, or rather with a direct current with a capacity of 1400 MW, from the «green» generation. The project cost is estimated at € 2 billion.

Underwater power bridge project

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Says Nigel Williams, Construction Director of the North Sea National Network

Much of Norway’s electricity is generated primarily by hydroelectric power plants connected to large reservoirs. However, since the water level in reservoirs depends on the weather conditions, the volume of production varies depending on the season and year. The most interesting thing is that the energy bridge will be two-way, and electricity can flow through it in both directions. NSL, consisting of two parallel cables, will allow both countries to maximize their green generation resources. When the volume of wind generation is high and the demand for

This is a really great idea!


Another similar project in the European Union has already been implemented, though not on such a scale. It is a submarine interconnection project that connects two German and Danish offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea with each other and allows electricity to be transferred onshore to Denmark or Germany. Two submarine cables, each length

Some are in a hurry to shout that this is a crazy and useless project. Wait…

If you don’t know something, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist, or it is not possible.

If you don’t understand something, it means you have something to learn.

And I also want to remind some of those suffering from unconsciousness the construction of an energy bridge in Crimea. This work was carried out by the Chinese cable-laying company JIAN JI-3001, and “Made in China” was written on the cable laid along the bottom of the Kerch Strait. So the laying of power electrical cables is no longer such a new, and difficult business, for those who do it professionally.

As for the larger and more ambitious

Sun Cable proposes to build a solar power plant with a capacity of

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