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Posted by kachalo on 26 ноября, 2021 in graminaceous | Short Link

Yesterday in Boca Chica on the test bench, the next static fire tests of the Starship SN8 product took place. And what started the media after that … Instead of words, look at screenshots of the Russian news feed about this event.

«Failure», «failure» … «Everything is lost, everything is lost. The plaster is removed, the client is leaving …».

I would like to appeal to Russian journalists, although, in fact, it is pointless. But still. Where is the «failure and failure»? These are tests. And any deficiency identified at the test stage is a test success. This means that another weak point has been identified, which will be eliminated. Failure is when something happens to the product when it is ready for use. And even there it is not for nothing that there are emergency rescue systems. Let me remind you of a very recent case with the accident of the # Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft in October 2018, with the crew of Alexei Ovchinin and Nick Haig. Then, due to the accident of the first stage of the Soyuz launch vehicle, the SAS (emergency rescue system) entered into operation, and «pulled» the spacecraft from the launch vehicle, took it to a safe distance, after which the spacecraft landed safely along the ballistic trajectory.

What did they say then? Abnormal, emergency operation of the launch vehicle? Yes. But they also talked about the successful operation of the SAS, which saved the lives of the crew members. But this was supposed to be the next, working flight to # iss. There is both failure and success at the same time.

In the case of #starship

On the 12th (Texas time), the next static firing tests of the engines took place. In appearance, this was practically no different from previous burns. Starship SN8 remained standing at its booth, and no visible damage. But the problem was still there, and it was revealed.

That’s it, period. The problem area was identified, the emergency pressure relief systems worked normally. Now the problem itself will be solved. Maybe there is a reason in the composition of the #raptor engine afterburner alloys, maybe the wrong location of the ventilation line adjacent to the engine compartment, which burned for a couple of minutes after the engine burned out.

As for the Starship SN8 product, it will undergo a thorough examination of all units and parts, and, as Elon wrote, some of them will be replaced, but taking into account the identified shortcomings. So the high-altitude start is postponed indefinitely. But the SpaceX team has shown that they can quickly find the causes of malfunctions, and just as quickly fix them, improving their technology.

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