A ship enters the ocean waves — the Blue Origin landing platform «Jacqueline»

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The onset of 2021 will be a turning point not only in the field of electromobility, but also in the history of astronautics. And in both segments, some of the most implacable rivals will be the companies of Elon Musk — Tesla and SpaceX, and Jeff Bezos (Jorgensen’s birth) — Blue Origin and Rivian (in which he invested heavily). We know well about the development of SpaceX projects, since the space company Elon Musk allows us to track almost every step in the progress of their projects. With Blue Origin, things are a little different. Jeff Bezos’s company, if it shows something, it is only already at the stage of an almost finished product. For example, we do not yet know anything about the readiness of the New Glenn reusable launch vehicle project, which should become the basis of the company’s space program for the coming years.

Although, more precisely, regarding the New Glenn project, we know that at the moment the main engine of this system, the oxygen-methane BE-4, has been tested and is practically ready for operation. And also, as will now be discussed, the ship is ready — the landing platform Blue Origin «Jacqueline» (Jacklyn), which received its name in honor of the mother of Bezos.

The landing ship Blue Origin «Jacklyn» was «baptized» by naval custom on December 30, 2020, by breaking a bottle of champagne on the hull, and did so by Jeff’s mother, Jacqueline.

Ship #jacqueline has a length

So we see that NASA has given the green light to yet another reusable launch vehicle. This technology is becoming more and more used. The pioneer and leader here, of course, is SpaceX, and the private space company Rocket Lab is currently working on the reuse of the launch vehicle, and Blue Origin will soon join this club. Platform ships play a very important role in this process. SpaceX has 3 drone ships that the Falcon 9 launch vehicle landing on. Where the Super Heavy launch vehicle will land is not yet clear, but the offshore platform will most likely also be included.

For the New Glenn launch vehicle, a very large platform ship was needed, since the launch vehicle itself belongs to the heavy class, capable of delivering cargo weighing 45 tons to LEO, and 13 tons to the GPO. The first stage of New Glenn is designed to be reused at least 25 times.

We are waiting for the first test launch of the New Glenn launch vehicle and its landing of the first stage on board the Jacqueline. If everything goes according to plan, the space race will pick up unprecedented momentum and volume. I think that the main «catching up» and competitors here in the near future should be expected for the Chinese. They look at reality with open, open eyes, and are not going to resignedly give up the initiative.

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