46 284 € for an electric bike!

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German #startup

Insane, and technically terrific, and an insanely high price tag. Is it worth it? Let’s figure it out.

Novus electric bike is probably the embodiment of all modern trends in the construction of a vehicle, the coming era of electric mobility.

The main supporting elements, including the frame, are made of carbon fiber. No steel or aluminum. And the composite material is not only the power base, but also an element of the exterior design, which is noticeable just by looking at the bike.

Thanks to this technology, the carbon fiber monocoque frame itself weighs only 7 kg and still holds 125 kg. maximum payload. Cool ratio.

Wheels and steering fork elements are also made of composite. That is, the main engineering idea, implemented by the Novus designers, is the maximum lightening of the structure, while maintaining the stiffness and safety indicators.

The bike naturally has its own display, which displays all the indicators of the car, but it can be replaced by attaching a # smartphone on top, in which the proprietary application duplicates the work of the «dashboard». And besides, a smartphone with #nfc can serve as a key to unlock the car if a regular one is lost somewhere. Also, through the application, you can get a lot of additional information and make some adjustments, for example, indicate the level of the required output power.


The Novus electric bike engine undoubtedly deserves special attention. The creators have implemented a scheme that not many people dare to apply, even in such an innovative area as electric mobility. The majority of manufacturers of two and three-wheeled vehicles (scooters, bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, tricycles) use either a central engine with a chain or belt drive, or a «classic» motor-wheel. But few people dare to make an outer ring rotor.

There is a Finnish company formerly called


Thanks to this solution, the bike also did not put on weight, and therefore gains in power and range. There is also a recuperation system.

By the way, in terms of torque, NOVUS is among the leaders. The leader, the aforementioned Finnish VERGE TS (RMK E2) — 320 Nm, then Energica Ego — 215 Nm, NOVUS in third place, and below the «vintage-post-apocalyptic» Curtiss Zeus — 199 Nm, and the famous Harley-Davidson LiveWire has only 116, 6 Nm.

That is, quite modest, at first glance,

There is an electric bike NOVUS

Now the manufacturer has opened a pre-order book, where

Yes, the price is not at all budgetary, and only that completely rejected biker-innovator can afford it. Anyone, even the most powerful

Another big disadvantage, besides the price, is that it is single. So the ending of Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Cowboy is «Hey, can you give me a ride?» — will not work.

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