2021 — the year of expansion of the electromobility revolution

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The year that entered into its own rights, 2021, will undoubtedly become a watershed in the entire global automotive industry. The direction of this transformation is, of course, electromobilization. This process has been going on for several years, but only with … and here we can even say that not with the «arrival», but with a hurricane of Tesla entering the car market, everything has radically changed. By the way, you can joke with the word «flying» that it was after Elon Musk’s arrival in this sphere that the automotive industry «flew» with electromobilization. Well, it’s not for nothing that Elon has so many children.

Let’s move on from New Year’s jokes to describing why exactly 2021 will become a turning point, revolutionary in the autosphere.

The most important thing is, of course, production. Over the past three years, many automakers have announced that it is in the coming 2021 that they will begin mass production of their electric cars. During this time, it was necessary to develop an electric car that is not inferior in its characteristics to gasoline and diesel cars, to ensure that its price for the buyer becomes comparable to the price of an internal combustion engine, in order to develop the charging infrastructure, and of course it was necessary to transform its factory conveyors and logistics chains. Many of those who announced these processes were able to prepare everything, some, due to last year’s crisis, slowed down the transformation processes, and most likely will postpone their implementation until 2022. But the majority are already not just at the start, but have already started, and are now in the mode of gaining speed and power.

Now, in this and subsequent articles, let’s talk about specific car manufacturers and brands …

The coming 2021 will be a year of world triumph for Tesla, and this is not at all exaggerating. All Phase 2 construction work has been completed at the Chinese Giga Shanghai plant. At the existing site of the Shanghai plant, and in neighboring areas, in some places, in some places, construction work is underway to erect buildings for additional production, in particular, an additional stamping shop is being built, presumably. This speaks of an even greater production potential than previously mentioned. Let me remind you that the previous figures for the production capacity of the Shanghai Tesla plant were in the area

Construction of factories continues

As expected, Tesla is coming to India. A few days ago, Elon announced that Tesla India’s subsidiary would definitely be set up and operational this year. And now on the website of the Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the company «TESLA INDIA MOTORS AND ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED» is reserved. Meanwhile, officials from various Indian states have already begun proposing sites for the construction of the Indian Tesla Gigafactory. I think there is no need to explain to anyone what it will mean for Tesla to gain a foothold in the Indian market, and to build another plant there. In addition to the huge market in India itself, Tesla will also get close access to the markets of countries in the region and Oceania, where cars are used with right-hand drive.

A lot has been said in the past year about the relationship between Tesla and Panasonic. Even at some point it might seem that these two companies would still disperse, like ships at sea. However, this is not at all the case. The Japanese battery manufacturer intends to begin production of the new 4680 batteries at the Giga Nevada joint venture.

In addition, experts analyzed

The 4680 battery cell becomes the «cornerstone» of Tesla’s development strategy. The production launch of the 4680 could mean price parity between electric vehicles and «classic» ICE vehicles. The 4680 cells will have 5 times the energy density and 6 times the power of Tesla’s existing batteries. Tesla’s new elements are predicted to cost 56% less per kWh. Future Model Y crossovers will only use 960 new cells in their structural battery, compared with thousands of battery cells now.

And naturally, all of the above was reflected in the growth of Tesla’s stock price and market capitalization indicator. Today Tesla share is worth

I recently wrote about #volkswagen. It can only be recalled that today the company’s plant in Dresden is being closed for transformation. It will open in its new format by the end of January, and will immediately go into production.

I will dwell a little on the electric lineup, but not only of the Volkswagen brand, but of the entire group for 2021. Here I must say, there is a good variety of models, and what is especially pleasing is that this is not the same type of design.

The hit of the Group and VW, of course, will be the Volkswagen ID.3 hatchback. He is already starting to climb well in the statistics of European sales. But ID.3 is just the beginning.

Next, production this year will include: the VW ID.4 crossover, model ID.5, which will be made in two versions — a sedan and an UPV (high-capacity wagon), the Skoda Enyaq crossover, the Q4 E-tron crossover, and the Cupra el sports hatchback Born.

Even Tesla can envy the variety of the lineup. I think this is a great solution for VW, as the Group’s electric vehicles are available in all sizes and designs that will attract many new customers.

All this will allow the company to be not only relevant, but also compete on an equal footing with the industry leader, Tesla. Yes, Diss has put everything on the line, and goes for broke, but you need to understand that his policy is supported by the campaign board, which means that there is a general understanding of the correctness of the current policy on the full electrification of Volkswagen.

Series production of the first all-electric sedan to begin in 2021

Perhaps this desire to sit on several chairs as long as possible, which in the end can play a bad joke with them, but at the same time calling ourselves «pioneers of electromobility» is clearly an indicator of snobbery. Maybe BMW was once a «pioneer» in this area (at least, they think so), but over time, the «pioneer» did not «grow», and did not become a «Komsomol member», but in the end » General Secretary «, then he obviously has some problems in the field of self-development.

In any case, models of the famous Bavarian brand will also join the general stream of new electric cars. Let’s add here the electrification of some models of the Mini brand and the emergence of an electric minibus model.

Mercedes-Benz is launching the EQS electric sedan at Factory 56 in Sindelfingen in the first half of the year. By the end of the year, six new Mercedes-Benz models of the EQ family will be delivered to the conveyor. Electric vehicle production will also start at the following factories of the company: Rastatt (Germany) — the beginning of production of the first all-electric compact SUV EQA, it will also begin to be produced at the plant in Beijing; production of the EQE electric business sedan will begin at the Bremen plant (also in China). A little later, in 2022, EQS and EQE will go into production at the # mercedes-benz Tuscaloosa plant in the USA.

In parallel, the production of battery systems for EQS and EQE will start at the factories in Untertürkheim, Kamianets, Jawor (Poland) and Tuscaloosa (USA).

That is, here we are witnessing a deeply synchronized, large-scale beginning of the production of electric cars with a three-pointed star. It can be seen that the entire Benz production network is ready for the electrification of the model range and is integrating Mercedes-EQ models into series production at all of its existing factories.

All factories of the company were rebuilt according to # industry 4.0 standards. It is also emphasized that hybrids will also be produced in parallel, but they, according to the management of the concern, are an intermediate step on the way to a portfolio of purely electric products.

Mercedes-Benz is implementing the strategy “

To be continued by additions. Stay tuned for updates …

The companies, projects, brands listed above, their production facilities and plans for this year are only part of a much more powerful and extensive process. There are many Chinese companies that I have not mentioned, there are Indian automakers, and even Vietnamese ones. Manufacturers of personal electric mobility products such as scooters, bicycles, scooters and motorcycles are making a big contribution to electromobilization.

The conclusion is natural — 2021 for the entire transport sector, in all its manifestations, from a scooter to an airplane, and an ocean-going dry cargo ship, will become a turning point. The growth in production, demand, and consumption of electric vehicles will become so huge that only a fool would ignore it. And so this will become the beginning of a global trend to reduce the use of fossil, hydrocarbon fuels, and with each subsequent year this process will only gain momentum, which will lead to tectonic changes in the entire oil industry, which will be forced to look for its new place in this new world.

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